Roosevelta Residence

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Prestigious localisation
in the city centre

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OFF Piotrkowska

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150 metres to
Piotrkowska Street

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Renting season
during the whole year

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in every room

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Reception and services
on the ground floor

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Electronic door

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Height of apartments
is reaching up to 330 cm

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(additional option)

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Roosevelta Residence
Great New Deal

Once in a while in the real estate market an exceptional investment emerges. In a dream location, with high aesthetic and historic values, and with a ready business model. Roosevelta Residence is a perfect example of such investment for demanding people, who in a sea of offers can appreciate the ones truly extraordinary.

Rozpoczęcie budowy

2Q 2019

Zakonczenie budowy

4Q 2022

Powierzchnia apartametów

FROM 25 TO 46 m2

Feel the Life Style of Łódź



The Roosevelta Residence presents city life at its finest, in the perfect location in the centre of Łódź, just 150 metres from the famous Piotrkowska Street. The investment is just opposite to the iconic OFF Piotrkowska and in close proximity to the “City scrapers of Łódź”, so called Manhattan, where high-class office complexes are located, one of which is Financial Centre of mBank. In the nearest neighbourhood there are two newly build hotels, Novotel and Hampton by Hilton, which makes the location even more prestigious.

Łódź, as the only polish city, made it to the prestigious National Geographic's Best of the World 2022 list.

Logo inwestycji

In between of Piotrkowska and Sienkiewicza Street and just two minutes of walking from he famous promenade in Poland. In front of OFF Piotrkowska, which is iconic place on the cultural and culinary map of the country.

Ikonka lokalizacji inwestycji

Roosevelta Residence, which is just 150 metres from the famous Piotrkowska Street, is well connected with the Łódź Fabryczna, Łódź Widzew and Łódź Kaliska Railway Station. Iconic tram interchange station on Piłsudzkiego Alley (The Unicorn Stable), connecting the city on the East-West route, is just 5 minutes of walk from the investment.

Mapa lokalizacji inwestycji
  • Twój przychód z nami
  • Twój przychód z nami
  • Twój przychód z nami
  • Buy, Rent, Profit

    The apartments will be fully turnkey, and the contract with a reliable operator will ensure optimal profits.

    Twój przychód z nami
  • First-of-its-kind investment in Łódź

    150 metres from the iconic promenade in Poland and 100 metres from OFF Piotrkowska

    Unikatowa inwestycja
  • Only 43 Investment Apartments

    In the heart of the cultural and culinary centre of Łódź, next to high-class office complexes such as the mBank Financial Center or the newly built Novotel or Hampton by Hilton hotel.

    Tylko 43 Apartamenty Inwestycyjne
Ponadczasowa architektura

Timeless architecture

The building, after the renovation, will have 5 floors, 4 of which will be residential. Two modern floors will be built above the historic structure (one of them will replace the existing attic). Commercial premises will also be located on the ground floor of the front building and the right outbuilding. Flats will also be built in the new, modern outbuilding. A total of 43 apartments with areas ranging from 25 m2 to 46 m2 will be made available.

Wyjątkowa renowacja

Exceptional renovation

Roosevelta Residence is a tenement house of exceptional beauty from the turn of the 19th and 20th century. The front elevation of the building has rich stucco decorations and an asymmetrical, eight-axis composition arrangement with the entrance gate placed on the first axis from the west and a slightly protruding projection in the central part. The front elevation, from the Roosevelta Street side, has rich stucco decorations.


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