This investment is located at Czajewskiego 9 in Łódź

A modern complex of energy-efficient semi-detached houses. Currently, the investment is at stage III, where eight two-story buildings are being built, alongside with an internal road and parking spaces. Twins Garden – Houses at Czajewskiego is an interesting proposition for anyone looking for a perfect place in Łódź for themselves, as well as their loved ones.


Proven Solution

Timeless architecture, high-quality construction materials and traditional construction technology make Twins Garden – Houses at Czajewskiego a proven and safe investment for many years to come. All homes include, among others, central underfloor heating powered by an air to heat pump, mechanical ventilation with energy recovery ensuring fresh air 24 hours a day, as well as the smart home system.





Energy-efficiency - NF40 standard - 40% better efficiency than standard solutions

Calculative annual amount of energy carrier consumed by the building for heating purposes (heating and heating of domestic water): 31,6 kWh / m2.



A big advantage of the Twins Garden – Houses at Czajewskiego investment is the possibility to freely choose the interior layout, according to your individual needs. Moreover, in order to provide even greater design flexibility, Hocan Estate Sp. z o.o. prepared 4 design variants of the house's ground floor and 6 versions of the layout of rooms on the first floor, which can be freely combined.



Useful ground floor

It is designed in a manner ensuring the comfortable daytime zone to all household members, as well as their friends. All projects include the following elements on the ground floor: vestibule, living room with a dining room, kitchen, cosy study with access to a smaller terrace, utility room, toilet and spacious terrace with an area of approx. 30m2. Depending on your needs, you can choose a design with smaller or larger kitchen, additional wardrobe (near the entrance) or kitchen pantry.


Spacious First Floor

The house’s first floor is designed in such a manner that each family will be able to find a solution, which is the best suited to their individual needs.

Variant A

spacious bedroom with a wardrobe and private bathroom, 2 large rooms, additional bathroom, toilet and laundry room

Variant B

spacious bedroom with a private bathroom, 3 functional rooms, additional bathroom and laundry room

Variant C

spacious bedroom with a wardrobe and private bathroom, 2 large rooms, additional bathroom and laundry room

Variant D

2 bedrooms with wardrobes and private bathrooms, laundry room

Variant E

2 bedrooms with wardrobes and private bathrooms, toilet and laundry room

Variant F

4 rooms, 2 bathrooms, toilet and laundry room





Construction dates:

Commencement: 12.2019

Planned completion of stage III: IQ.2023

Standard of finishing in a developer state - Czajewskiego Housing Estate

  1. Brick development. Exterior walls - Ceramic hollow blocks with a thickness of 25 cm or gas-concrete hollow block of adequate properties. Interior load-bearing walls - Ceramic hollow blocks with a thickness of 25 cm or gas-concrete hollow block of adequate properties. Partition walls - Ceramic or H+H hollow blocks with a thickness of 8 cm.

  2. Roof - Wooden structure, seam covering with sheet metal, windproof membrane, mineral wool of 30cm thickness 30 (20 cm between the rafters + 10 cm above the plasterboard ceiling), vapour-proof foil, drywall on the systemic frame.

  3. Internal plaster of III category, cement-lime on a concrete base, in the case of plasterboard ceilings - plastering of board joints.

  4. Window joinery - PVC windows in a gray colour on the outside and white on the inside, triple-glazed, five-chamber, without reed switches.

  5. Entrance doors - Anti-theft doors of RC3 class with cylinders corresponding to the class of the door.

  6. Installation of "smart home" in basic standard. Heating + lighting version (each room, but no more than 12 circuits) based on the DEVELOPER module (wired system). Modules: mH-DEVELOPER and ZI-24. The central unit allows future Customers to buy additional extensions, in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications.

  7. Installation of door phone - Basic door phone, in an approximate colour of the fence. 3-core cabling enables the customer to install the videophone on his own.

  8. Installation of remote control of the entrance gate to the plot, complete, 2 remotes.

  9. Installation of ventilation with recuperation - Mechanical ventilation by ventilation unit with recuperation of a recognized brand, e.g. Bosch, Aeris, Wanas - a device that allowing for the ventilation of buildings with simultaneous heat recovery, efficiently matched to the size of the building.

  10. Heating - Heat Pump - Heat distributed with the use of underfloor heating.

  11. Biological Reactor - home wastewater treatment plant.

  12. Palisade fencing (manufactured by Velago or equivalent) in front of the plot (gate, wicket), and in between of buildings, in a graphite colour. Gate with an electric drive.

  13. Space intended for containers adapted to the waste sorting.

  14. Internal road and sidewalks - common parts of the housing estate, carried out along with the progress of construction, to the built houses.

  15. Playground - fenced with a panel type fence, equipped with a sandbox, slide, swings.

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