The Twins Garden – Houses at Czajewskiego investment is an exceptional project on the map of Łódź. Of course, it was necessary to equip it with modern and functional solutions, such as bioreactors. In the so-called green treatment plants, the most important and the most difficult technological processes are carried out, which include the decomposition of organic matter and the removal of biogenic compounds from the wastewater. In order to take care of the natural environment, as well as the comfort of living of the residents, we chose high-quality solutions, which are confirmed by certificates. High performance, thought-out structure and long-term warranty are the factors that ensure a comfortable life of the housing estate’s residents.

The environmentally friendly biological treatment plant provides a series of benefits to its users. Its main advantages include:


High operational efficiency of the green treatment plant has been confirmed in an independent laboratory, which is a notified body of the European Commission.

Solidna konstrukcja
Solid structure

Monolithic tank and high-quality material ensure its tightness and durability. The rib structure strengthens the bioreactor and protects it from being pushed out.

Certyfikowana jakość
Certified quality

The green treatment plant holds the CE quality mark, therefore it is compliant with the European standard PN-EN 12566 + A1:2009 and PN-EN 12566 + A2:2013.

Kompaktowe rozmiary
Compact size

This small-sized device can be successfully used even on a small area, while at the same time it remains invisible to its users.


The aeration and control system was placed in an external box, which is located above the ground, and this protects it against the impact of rainwater and groundwater.

Wieloletnia gwarancja
Long-term warranty

This green treatment plant is covered by a 10-year warranty of the Polish manufacturer.

Advantage compared to other solutions - The most important characteristics, which ensure the advantage of this solution over other treatment plants, include:

High quality

The application of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) ensures the durability of this treatment plant, while its monolithic structure eliminates the risk of leakage or unsealing.

Polish manufacturer

A renowned and proven supplier of this bioreactor is a Polish manufacturer, whose products hold the certification compliant with the EU requirements.

Ecological solution

Water recovered as a result of multi-stage filtration can be used for utility purposes.

In conclusion, during the design stage of our own wastewater treatment system, we chose a modern, functional and environmentally friendly solution. We selected the products of a Polish company, whose quality is confirmed by certificates. Special structure of the devices ensures efficient and failure-free operation for many years to come, while at the same time we provide the residents with peaceful and comfortable use of the green wastewater treatment plant.

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