Modern solutions that generate up to 30% savings compared to the conventional forms of heating

While having in mind the comfort of life and convenience of future residents, all house have been equipped with high-class air to water heat pumps. Above all, this modern and functional solution is energy-efficient, because it largely uses a renewable energy source, i.e. air. This way, the air to water heat pump also becomes an environmentally friendly solution. The intuitive control system ensures convenient and easy use of the pump. Moreover, another functionality of this device guarantees the maintaining of an optimal temperature in the house throughout the year.

The air to water heat pump provides a number of benefits to its users. Its main advantages include:

Niski koszt
Low operating cost

Efficiency of the pump operation ensures high COP, even at the level of 4.8 in the case of air temperature amounting to 7 °C


The air to water heat pump ensures the maintaining of optimum temperature in the house, as well as optimum temperature of the domestic hot water

Ogrzewanie i chłodzenie
Heating and cooling

Heating and cooling function means the perfect temperature in your house throughout the year, without the need to install air-conditioning

Intuicyjna obsługa
Intuitive use

Modern and easy-to-use HPC400 controller provides the possibility of setting separate parameters for each heating circuit.


A reputable brand and proven technological solution guarantee reliable operation for many years to come

Cicha praca
Quiet operation

The quiet operation mode ensures the comfort of living to household members, both during the day and at night

Zdalne sterowanie
Remote control

An additional internet module enables remote control of the pump, from anywhere in the world.


Modulated heating power provides a guarantee of generating the amount of heat compliant with the needs of the building.

While selecting the air to water heat pump, we put emphasis on a high-quality solution, which is at the same time energy-efficient, ecological, functional and convenient. This modern technology is characterised by numerous advantages, and above all, by a number of functions that really distinguish it among other alternative sources of heating.

Unlike the conventional furnaces fuelled by coal, pellets or eco-pea coal, the air to water heat pump does not generate additional high costs, associated with its use. It is significant that this pump draws the energy directly from the air, which is used to heat the rooms and obtain hot domestic water. This way, much greater energy is collected from the natural environment than the energy required to ensure the operation of the device.

The most important characteristics, which ensure the advantage of this solution over alternative devices, include:


low operating cost, reliability and high operational efficiency with low energy demand

Environmentally-friendly device

unlike in the case of combustion, with this device no harmful by-products are created during the process of heating rooms and domestic water


one device provides heating for the entire building, as well as domestic water. Moreover, the function of heating and cooling results in the fact that this air to water heat pump works well both during winter and during summer

In conclusion, out of concern for the natural environment and to take care of our future, as well as the future of next generations, we chose a completely safe and functional solution. The air to water heat pump is a guarantee of convenient, comfortable and peaceful life for many years to come. Reduction of operating costs and significant decrease in harmful products generated in the heating process constitute the main advantages of this device. An additional advantage is the simple and intuitive use, which does not require any effort from the users.

In the case, when the manufacturer withdraws or changes this model, or when the manufacturer withdraws this device from distribution or service, another model (of this or another manufacturer) will be provided with similar parameters, in accordance with the construction project.

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