Hocan Estate Sp. z o.o. constitutes a part of the international holding, which owns investments in (among others) Spain and Germany. The business activity of the company, which was established in 2016, are mainly focused on the Łódź agglomeration. This dynamically developing city, which also has an exceptional history, is a unique place for the implementation of projects that are of great importance for the city, as well as its residents.

Hocan Estate, as well as its subsidiaries, specialise in new commercial and residential investments. Experienced experts, who work under the banner of Hocan Estate Sp. z o.o., make every effort to restore the former splendour to historic and valuable buildings.

The investments of Hocan Estate Sp. z o.o. are mainly characterised by a combination of exceptional projects, perfect workmanship and selection of the best locations.

The investor's portfolio includes the following investments located in Łódź (among others):

  • at Roosevelta 9,
  • at Polskiej Organizacji Wojskowej 42,
  • at Tymienieckiego 5 (the so-called "Tytus Kopisch’s Bleachery").

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